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South Carolina Ghosts

South Carolina Ghosts

Nancy Roberts

Ghosts still walk in South Carolina and unexplained things continue to confound even the most skeptical among us.

The stories in this book are based upon actual events. During the course of her research into some of South Carolina’s classic tales, Nancy Roberts heard accounts of happenings in the recent past and even the present day. They’re all here: from the famous Gray Man of Pawleys Island who warns of coming storms to the ghost of the poor fellow whose small plane went down in the 1950s near Walhalla leaving him to forever hitchhike Highway 107.

Everybody has heard of Alice of Murrells Inlet who is still looking for her lover’s ring, but whohaunts the house in Summerville, even now, and why?

The eighteen stories told here will have you looking over your shoulder and shuddering at even a gentle breeze—so take care. Supernatural occurences in South Carolina are not all in the past!

Nancy Roberts is a popular Southern writer who frequently lectures on folklore and creative writing. She received a degree in Comparative Literature from the University of North Carolina. Author of more than twenty books, Roberts blends suspense, mystery, and history with a talent for finding and chronicling stories of the supernatural. Her work has earned her the title of “custodian of the twilight zone” from Southern Living magazine.

“Just about everybody likes a good ghost story. And ghost hunter/author Nancy Roberts’ latest collection is sure to please. In her South Carolina Ghosts From the Coast to the Mountains, she has put together as shivery a selection of other-worldly tales as you’re likely to find anywhere…. And whether you believe in ghosts or not, these tales are guaranteed to give you a chill, especially before you go into a dark room alone.”—Southern Living

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